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Today, open source systems (OSS) are widely in various IT-based organizations across the globe. Due to the high-functional nature and a vast range of attributes, businesses are getting more dependent towards the applications for their business needs. The extensive recognition of the open source applications is mainly due to the two basic features, free-of-cost utilization and easy customization.

The open-source systems are quite different from the copyrighted software applications. To use copyrighted software, you need to buy it or pay the license fee, whereas, the script or the source code of the open-source software is readily available for checking, analyzing, and utilization. This "License- Free application" can be customized as per the users' requirement, by carrying out modifications in the source code. However, Open source customization often requires good knowledge and hands-on experience of PHP, CSS, and HTML.

The biggest challenge that comes in-between smooth running of any business is known by various aliases, namely money, capital and finance. Businesses strive to cut the expenditures to elevate the profit figures, and OSS provides a smooth breakthrough to achieve the same. As the code is "license- free", you just have to make small customization in it to add new functionality. OSS enables the user to use the functionalities of the feature-rich applications without worrying about the expenses.

Now, with a large number of professionals downloading, analyzing, and using an open-source project, the code quality escalates, in comparison with the proprietary software systems. It means that the chances of getting improved codes, with added functionality and user-interfaces are higher.

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