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One of the concept shifts in the web development industry in the last few years has been the development of mobile web.Gone are the days when mobile was just a simple gadget to make calls. Today, the features of mobile phone have grown its wings much farther than just sending and receiving calls and texts. From listening to music to watching movies, creating presentations and drafting email, mobile phones can carry out every activity based on the principle of communication.

Most businesses have started looking at mobile websites as a powerful marketing tool. Progressively, businessmen have realized the potential of making their websites compatible with mobile phones. This would not only give them a broader existence, but also draw new band of customers. From news portals to e-commerce websites, mobile websites are gaining their share of importance. Quicker and user-friendly browsers such as Mobile Safari and Opera Mini are adding to the phenomenon of mobile web development. Smartphones have added to this trend with mobile phones turning to complete multimedia device rather than a simple communication tool. With the advancement in HTML 5 and development of a wide range of apps, web browsing on mobile phones has become easier.

The mobile web is no longer a concept - it's a mainstream reality that will impact any organization that aims to communicate with target audiences online. The task of keeping in touch with the advancements made in the field of mobile web application development services is of supreme importance. Since the technology is rapidly evolving, taking notes of all its new changes is mandatory.

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